“I could never do that”

GLYPH at Stanford d.school: Simple. Fun. Powerful. == Glyph makes the message Stick!

See to be Seen

Out of the gate with a post on Process… BOR-ING. I know. But I think it’s important, because as you explore these GlyphNotes, I want you to be saying “Hey, I could do that,” not the opposite. Like, “But I can’t draw!” Which is what I usually hear, and I’m over it. That’s boring. So I’m going to start off by showing you how this began – with some scribbling and three boxes.

Mid October 2014: Condi’s class on the Dubai Port Authority Case. The only professor who can set the stage for a case discussion with, “So it’s 2006, I’m Secretary of State, and… no, that is not hypothetical…” (Awesome) content aside, this is a pretty good example of what my notes looked like at the beginning of the school year. Trying to capture every word, and I have to re-read them – three times- to know what’s actually important. My attempt at the time was to box…

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