Creating Passionate Innovators: Dream it. Design it. Do it.

Finally time for camp – where crazy scientists encourage you to Fail Fearlessly! A place where your hands teach your mind through creative discovery, prototyping, iterating and building. Fortunately, leading schools are adopting the maker mindset, encouraging innovation, invention and big ideas. I was honored to spend the week with an enthusiastic team of “crazy” teachers that spent their first days of summer playing the role of students. This team of Innovation Specialists spent the first day at EdCamp Disney Magic, brainstorming ideas of bringing the “Magic” to the classroom. The next days were spent developing the ilab / makerspace for the school. There are amazing tech and tools for student engagement, but real take home message is to LEAD with a VISION of optimistic creativity and student empowerment. Cultivating an inspirational environment with the freedom to fail is a revolutionary idea in the school system, yet a commonsense approach to real world success!

Dream it. Design it. Do it.

Dream it. Design it. Do it.



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