Google Sun Glass Explorer 2014

Google Sun Glass Explorer 2014

Imagine the immersive on site augmented reality educational opportunities that will develop with GLASS!


30 Trends In Education Technology For 2015 05/19/2014, Terry Heick

30 Trends In Education Technology For The 2015 School Year


Trending Up

  1. Teacherpreneurs
  2. Decentralizing academic standards
  3. Rethinking data in the classroom
  4. Adaptive learning algorithms
  5. Digital Citizenship
  6. Focus on non-fiction, digital media
  7. Depth of content
  8. Experimentation with new learning models (including flipped classroom, sync learning, blended learning, etc.)
  9. Teacher self-directed PD, webinars, streams, etc.
  10. College as a choice
  11. Collaborative learning
  12. Digital Literacy
  13. Focus on learning spaces
  14. Design thinking
  15. Mindfulness, meditation, downtime
  16. Teacher as guide-on-the-side
  17. Gamification of content
  18. Genius hour, maker hour, collaboration time
  19. Workflows
  20. Cloud-based word processing
  21. Mainstreaming + co-teaching
  22. Platform Agnosticism
  23. Librarian as digital media specialist
  24. YouTube channels, Google Chromecast, AppleTV
  25. Apps like Storehouse
  26. 1:1 tablets/devices
  27. Project-Based Learning
  28. Mobile-first #edtech design
  29. The innovation of apps
  30. Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive



Discovery!  VeroMom loves to share her eduventures=)

Finally, a local Hacker Dojo!! The new Codecraft Lab in Melbourne offers kids coding for a fraction of the cost of IDTech and DMA-Digital Media Academy(both of which we have attended). Plus, they have year round weekly class and MUG -Minecraft User Group! Coding should be a second language for our kids, empowering them to be creators and makers.  Check out the revolution at